Our Planet Needs You!


As the driving force behind breakthroughs in science and technology, curiosity has the power to change everything. But, how can we remind the world of an unsung superpower that we all possess?

Idea & Execution

We put the power of curiosity firmly at people’s fingertips. Starting off by presenting the world as it exists today, audiences can explore better, more sustainable, versions of our planet – made possible by increased curiosity! Home to an animated, interactive film the WORLDS OF CURIOSITY microsite invites visitors to experience a day in the life of Maria the scientist. Highlight: At numerous stages of the film visitors can increase society’s overall level of curiosity – spectacularly revealing social and technological innovations to change our world for the better.

Audience & Market

As part of a wider business-to-business initiative, the WORLDS OF CURIOSITY project focusses primarily on professional audiences from the fields of science, research, technology, and academia. Launched internationally, the project has been supported by paid/social media activities in nine key markets (Brazil, China, France, Germany, Korea, Spain, Taiwan, UK, and USA).


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